Social Inequality And Gender Inequality Essay

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Social inequality refers to the ways in which social defines categories of a person’s characteristics such as gender, age, class, and ethnicity. Part of social inequality is gender inequality. Gender inequality is referring to the differences between a male and female, in how there is an unequal treatment to women than men. Throughout the paragraphs, there is going to be a little bit of everything such as meaning of sex and gender, theories of gender, gender inequality, education/work, and different sections of gender stratification.
To start off, I am going to talk about the term sex and gender and the difference that both of these words have. People tend to think that sex and gender are the same thing. Well there is a difference between sex and gender. Gender defines the characteristics that a society or culture describes as masculine or feminine. Sex is referred to biological differences such as chromosomes, internal and external sex organs. While people are sex as male or female, it is a biological fact that is the same in any culture. What that sex means in terms of your gender role as a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’ in society can be quite different cross culturally.
What is Gender? In many languages gender is a set of classes that together include all nouns, membership in a particular class being shown by the form of the noun itself or by the form or choice of words that modify, replace, or otherwise refer to the noun. For example, in English, you have the choice to replace…

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