Social Inclusion Reflection

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Before answering the question, “How is social inclusion connected to cultural diversity, social justice, and human dignity,” I believe it is important to define the term ‘social inclusion.’ According to COBUILD Dictionary, “Social inclusion is the act of making all groups of people within a society feel valued and important .” Respecting, understanding and promoting the inherent dignity and worth of every individual are some of the underlying factors of the very social work profession. My job as a social worker in training is to use my connections and knowledge to serve disadvantaged peoples, by exposing their personal strengths and resources to accomplish their desired goal. Social inclusion plays a vital role in the mission of a social worker, and therefore is woven throughout the very fabric of social justice, cultural diversity and human dignity. …show more content…
At my university, Cedarville University, the Bachelors Social Work program requires students to complete two internships. The program allows students the option of completing a year of field experience abroad if desired, in one of three different locations: Romania, India, or Uganda, Africa. I chose Sighisoara, Romania to complete my Sr. internship. While there I worked at a nonprofit organization, called Fundația VERITAS. They serve as a community center in the small village of Sighisoara with an elderly program, a children’s program, a program for mentally/physically disabled adults, and a youth program. I worked in the children’s program teaching Bible stories and helping with homework along with three other social workers. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I assisted in the disabled adults group. Within the country of Romania, disabled adults and children are two of the most discriminated people. This is evident both in the way people interacted with these population groups as well as the lack of opportunity for them throughout the

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