Social Impact Assessment ( Sia ) For Huainan Mining Area Rehabilitation Project

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In the past decades, a series of large-scale resource exploitations and engineering constructions have delivered a rapid economic growth in China. However, a number of researchers (Price 2016; Tang, Wong & Lau 2008) points out that these projects also have led to increasing public protests and social conflicts in China. As a possible way to tackle these issues, environmental and social impact assessment has attracted much attention from Chinese scholars and authority, and it also has become a formal requirement for certain kinds of projects in China. Based on the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) for Huainan Mining Area Rehabilitation Project, this paper intends to conduct a critical analysis on how well the SIA has been done. In order to address the discussion, this essay will firstly outline the backgrounds and components of the SIA project. Then, this essay will choose some themes of the SIA process to discuss its strengths and weaknesses.
Overview of the SIA
To begin discussing, some backgrounds of the project should be mentioned. The Huainan City is located in the east of China, along the mid-reach of Huaihe River. This city has been facing lots of serious ecological issues due to its long history of coal mining since the founding of P. R. China. According to the report of the World Bank (2015), after years of mining activities, there have been a significant ecological degradation and ground subsidence in the city, which have caused the various degrees of damage to…

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