Essay about Social Factors That Affect Self Harm

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By definition suicide is described as taking your own life for the reason that you do not want to live anymore (“Suicide”, 2015). Within various Aboriginal communities series of suicides have been occurring. In a chapter by Ronald Niezen, he explores and analyzes the causes as well as the consequences of cluster suicide in Indigenous communities (Niezen, 2009). While reading the chapter, three main factors stood out, the first was the history of Aboriginals in relation to cluster suicide, social factors that could influence self-harm and also how cultural continuity could be used as a form of protection against cluster suicide. To begin, history is an important factor when analyzing a community, it allows the researcher insight on what events have occurred in previous years. Traumatic events that have happened in the past could easily influence the behaviour or mind set of younger generations. When discussing history in relation to suicide in Aboriginal communities, Niezen discussed the Cross Lakes Crises, where there were a series of suicide amongst indigenous youth. He explained that this was not the first outbreak of suicide deaths in these communities and that these types of tragedies were becoming more and more common (Niezen, 2009). In his writing he mentions a specific year when there was eight deaths by suicide, this was in the year 1974, almost twenty five years prior to the Cross Lakes Crises, therefore demonstrating that this social issue has occurred on…

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