Causes Of Obesity In Women

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Obesity is the condition whereby weight has reached a point of posing a major risk to health. It is not a lifestyle disorder but is considered a risk factor which causes other diseases. The condition affects all ages of both genders. The body mass weight is used to measure obesity in an adult. Foster et al. (n. p) state that two-thirds of the people in the US are either obese or overweight. The percentage of the infected people keeps increasing as time goes by since a research done in 1980 shows that 6% of adult men were obese, and 8% of the women were overweight. However, these percentages keep increasing as time goes by since another research taken later after 2002 showed that the proportion of men had risen to 43 and 34% of women (National …show more content…
Obesity occurs as a result of consumption of more calories of food than the body needs in a day. In adults, the disease is associated with the increased rates of risking diseases that cause morbidity and mortality. Other diseases that result from obesity are diabetes, hypertension, and cancer among others. In children, obesity causes the same morbidities plus asthma and psychosocial dysfunction. The greatest concern of the disorder is when it becomes persistent with the age of the child. Another effect is that obesity causes a significant economic burden to treat. Medical care facilities use various methods to treat obesity and may be costly to afford. Again, there is a special diet that the victim will have to eat to attain the desired results, and that needs money to buy. Apart from medication and diet, the doctor may encourage the patient to work out or do exercise which may end up requiring money. Other effects of the disease in, the patient may be stressed by the condition. It may lead to weight stigma where the patient does not interact with the other people for fear of being ridiculed and may result in social isolation. The primary concern is to reduce the prevalence of obesity because it is associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …show more content…
For that reason since people believe on what culture perceives as right, the stigma comes naturally. The society has it in mind that obesity is more of a lifestyle disorder than a disease, and it could be avoided or prevented by eating what is right and leading a healthy life. Therefore, the society tends to have a prejudice against the obese people. Foster et al. (n. p) argue that doctors have an adverse attitude towards this disorder and are reluctant to treat it. The primary cause is their beliefs on the genesis of the disease and in many cases, they lay the blame to the victims or parents if the involved individual is a child. They give instructions that the solution of the disorder is to lose weight. It is unfortunate that physicians hold a negative attitude towards this disease like the society and the patients end up suffering. That reaction by practitioners is a great discouragement to the victims. They claim that obesity has no effective treatment other than exercising and eating

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