Social Factors And Agents Of Socialization Essay

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Who are you? What makes you unique from others? Have you ever wondered what aspects influenced you to become the person you are in the context of our society today? Social factors and agents of socialization can play an important role in shaping who you are. As a matter of fact, they help with the shaping of values, attitudes, opportunities and other components making me a part of society today. Henceforth, the following describes the process of my socialization, which includes social class, gender, family and religion.
Social class is one of the social factors which has helped structure my socialization. In fact, because of this, I am aware of my place in society. To clarify, according to society, I am part of the working class or proletariat on the system of stratification, Nonetheless, I am able to function and integrate in society. Although, my status is classified at the bottom of the capitalist society pyramid, it has developed my work ethic. For example, I learned that great success comes from hard work, and without prejudice I am able to achieve my goals. Furthermore, at an early age, I realized that I was living in a country, where escaping social inequality was inevitable, especially for an individual with a low social status. As a matter of fact, conflict theory is the appropriate perspective to describe this viewpoint. In other words, it illustrates that people of the lower class are at a disadvantage when it comes to their socialization.
Moreover, based on…

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