Essay on Social Exposure And Language Capabilities

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The concern is greatest with regards to immigrants who might have limited cultural exposure and language capability. Woo and Dominick point to a 1990 study by Jeonghwa Choi and Ronald Tamborini,which showed that exposure to the behaviors as represented on television, could be misconstrued as normal and acceptable. The outrageous behavior could also reinforce existing stereotypes among United States citizens. The research conducted by Woo and Dominick shows a relationship between television viewing and assumptions about cultural norms. The best comparison is the late night TV show that featured Aliens who lived in Earths Suburbs. Why all the concern about the power of television to influence attitudes and behaviors?The United Nations estimates that there will be nearly ten billion people on earth by the year 2050. Can the planet support such a population? Since the 1960 's, governments have been attempting to manage the population. Are these efforts directed at darker communities;and, how does television play a role? In his book Equal Time: Television and the Civil Rights Movement, Aniko Bodroghkozy, chronicles the impact that television had on the success of the civil rights movement. He opens with an Ebony magazine article heralded the praises of the potential for television as a “strong ally to the black community in its struggle for racial equality and opportunity”(qtd. In Bodroghkozy). Ebony pointed out the many television shows which featured black entertainers.…

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