Social Exclusion And The Minority Group Essay

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The minority group that I have chosen is young Mothers, a group that is the focus of much media and parliamentary attention. However, the majority of this attention is negative, which can lead to social exclusion and, as a result, inequality (Duncan, Edwards and Alexander, 2010, pp.1-3). On the topic of social exclusion, David Byrne (1999) said that inequality and exclusion happen “all the time” and that it “determines the lives of the individuals and collectives who are excluded and those of the individuals and collectives who are not”; hereby meaning that people are either led by society or ignored by it. In addition, Dorling (2010, p.13), insists that social inequality “persists because of a continued belief in the tenets of injustice”, adding that the “great injustices of our time”, which are seen as being a part of “normality”, can be likened to the history of slavery and women’s right to vote as they too were both portrayed as being “natural”. Duncan, Edwards and Alexander (2010, p.48) also state that some people generally preconceive that young Mothers demonstrate “emotional immaturity” and a “lack of education”. People having such preconceptions can be seen as being one of the many causes of social inequality, as sweeping judgements are being made about a group which is comprised of all types of people, with individual differences.

In 2012, Prime Minister David Cameron “confirmed his intention to ensure that 120,000 troubled families are ‘turned around’ by the end…

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