Social Exclusion And Social Discrimination Essay examples

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In today’s society, there have been significant improvements to legislate equality and advances in the general acceptance of lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community. However, the LGBTI community in Australia remains a marginalised group (Australian Medical Association, 2002; Flood and Hamilton, 2008; Mayer et al., 2008). While substantial gains have been made to reduce discrimination, LGBTI individuals continue to face significant social exclusion and inequity with associated health disadvantages. Take for example, LGBTI Australians are not protected by anti-discrimination laws at a federal level- the process for transgender to have their gender recognized still remains difficult and same-sex couples are unable to be legally married (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2009). While a majority of LGBTI individuals lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives, Australian research also indicates that there are continuing disparities in health outcomes in key areas such as- general health ratings, alcohol, use of tobacco and drugs, mental health and suicidality. These health outcomes are strongly associated with the experience of discrimination and social exclusion (Pitts et al., 2006; Hillier et al., 2010).

Discrimination against LGBTI people is a commonplace as it is common to pathologise people on the basis of their varying sexual orientation and attraction (Bartlett etal., 2001; Kalra, 2012). With that being said, LGBTI people are ten times more likely to…

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