Social Entrepreneurship : Understanding The Context And Career Capitals

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This study provides a valuable insight to the literature of social entrepreneurship by understanding the context and career capitals (Bourdieu P. , 1986) that social entrepreneurs have in Latin America. After analyzing the data a framework that summarizes the social entrepreneurship landscape in Latin America, and the career capitals that social entrepreneurs in the region own to deal with this complex context, was created.

Based on the interviews this study shows that the Latin American context is mainly explained by: sexism, lack of equality, corruption, institutional voids, family’s support and lack of government support. To deal with this reality social entrepreneurs have a set of career capitals (Bourdieu P. , 1986) that they use to pursue their ventures. Within these capitals I identified the following:

Cultural Capitals
1. Strong values & life perspectives fostered by the family during childhood
2. Passion at a very young age for arts, nature, science and society
3. University degree as part of professional development and credibility
4. Academic studies leverage to move forward in a career and contribute to society
5. Continuous self-development through trainings and post-university courses
Social Capitals
1. Personal network and connections by being a member of certain high status groups as an enhancer of their careers
2. Built networks as an enabler of business opportunities
Economic Capitals
1. Wealth
Symbolic Capitals
1. Open-mindedness
2. Leadership

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