Social Engineering and Resco Pound Essay

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The constitution of India has defined and declared the common goal for its

citizens as “to secure to all the citizens of India, justice – Social, Economic and
Political”. The eternal value of the constitutionalism is the rule of law which has three facets i.e. rule by law, role under law and rule according to law. Under our constitution, it is the primary responsibility of the state to maintain law and order so that the citizens can enjoy peace and security. The preamble speaks of justice, social economic and political and of equality of status and opportunity. It points out that protecting the interest of the poorer section
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Be it

socialism in the Constitution as its guiding principle and Master Slogan. The
Constitution of India, undoubtedly, is goal -oriented, policy-oriented, and welfare state-oriented and permeates all laws of the land and its Preamble sets the human tone and temper of the Constitution which envisages, among other things, justice, equally and dignity of individuals. The Constitution of course is that light-house for all the navigators and its interpretation must conform to its aims and objects. Law no doubt is for the man, for the society for advance towards those fundamental goals in vocatively expressed in the Preamble by the “we the people of India”, and the
Preamble contains “ideals and aspirations of the people of India” Law of course, is not static, backward looking or a tradition bound.


The preamble of the Constitution

of India speaks of justice, social economic and political and of equality of status and opportunity The duty of legal aid is to find out the area of disturbance and to plug out the cause by forefront of the advocating legal literacy as well as legal aid. Concept of justice
The Constitution inscribes Justice as the first promise of the republic which means that state power will execute the pledge of justice 81 in favour of the millions who are the republic. Justice is genus of which

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