Social & Emotional Intelligence Essay

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{draw:frame} {draw:frame} Bachelor of International Hospitality Management Essay 1500 words Due: Friday 28th August 2009, 12 noon By Cody Huxtable ID# 0791315 “How can developing skills in social and e*motional intelligence benefit you as a hospitality management practitioner?*” Social intelligence can be organised into two categories: ‘social awareness’ which describes what we sense about others, and ‘social facility’ which describes what we do with that awareness. Social awareness refers to “a spectrum that runs from primal empathy (instantaneously sensing another’s inner state) to empathetic accuracy (understanding a person’s feelings and thoughts) to social cognition (getting complicated social situations) …show more content…
Lack of eye contact, the use of frowning, the lack of caring and disregard for how one person might feel, are all common factors known to weaken a person’s state of mind. These emotions are greatly contagious and can very quickly transfer onto other people external to the hospitality firm. Those persons lacking in social intelligence show a lacking in knowledge of how their presence impacts those involved in the exchange for hospitality services, both negatively and positively. When our minds are in the present, attentive, actively listening and engaged in conversation, we have presence (Butler, 2007). However, when we become lost in our own thoughts and lose our concentration spans in moments where we are being spoken to, we have what is called, no presence. If the management and employees of a hospitality business are able to carry out the correct forms of social intelligence, this communicates and proves to our customers whether we care about them, value them, or show any interest at all. Social intelligence is all about connecting with people and improving our interactions with those people. The more developed our social intelligence skills are, the more successful the hospitality business looks. Since the purpose of the hospitality industry is to serve customers, it is important to understand that customer

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