How Does Human Trafficking Affect Society

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At the age of sixteen a girl goes in for what she thought was a job interview, instead she was taken by complete strangers. Since then she has then been sold to people all around the world who are purchasing her online. Because of this, she will never see her family again unless she gets lucky enough to escape. This happens to thousands of men and women across the United States and become victims of human trafficking. They are traumatized by such events through being abused and tortured into activities they never wanted to be involved in. Human trafficking has a impacted American citizens because of economic influences pimps and recruiters, the physical and mental brutality of women being tortured, abused, and used for sex. Human trafficking stated by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is, “The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of …show more content…
Human trafficking can really damage a persons’ mindset so therefore there are many psychological effects that deal with being a victim. Women tell their stories daily of what happened to them while being forced into sex trafficking. They say they can’t have real relationship with men, they have post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, fear, shame, and suicidal thoughts. The first step to recovering from being a victim of human trafficking would be their coping skills. As said by Beeson, “Personal safety is one of the essential skills that is particularly relevant to trafficking victims … the therapist works with the victim to develop the victim’s skills in recognizing unsafe environments and behaviors” (56). The second step to recovering is to identify trauma types and to understand the anxiety and other emotions related to their experiences. These phases take many years to really work on a victim due to the fact of the traumatic horror they have been

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