Essay about Social Ecological Theory

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Ecological Social Theory and Graduate School Throughout my whole life there was multiple effects and interrelatedness of social elements in my environment that lead me to decide to continue my education into the Master’s level degree. Some of these factors included family, friends, and my community. There was a trigger in my life and a point in time that I knew I had to continue my education. The Ecological Social Theory has corresponding levels of environmental influences in relation to human development and why I am continuing my education.
Ecological Social Theory Ecological Social Theory was developed from Urie Bronfenbrenner. Bronfenbrenner wanted to show how a person’s development is based off of influences of several
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I thought of myself as a fighter and needed to continue to educate myself. I knew if I wanted to have a career in the behavioral health, human services, or counseling field I needed to continue my education level and graduate and work hard in school. My family was very supportive but still had some concerns. With three kids living at home and a wife, where was our support for living expenses going to come from. They trusted me and that gave me the motivation to continue my education. My friend and my peer did not know anything about my plans until I informed them that I was going to go to graduate school. None of my friends or peers did not go to college, so a chance for someone to excel and better themselves was a great opportunity for them to support. My in-laws were happy and excited that I was planning on giving my family the best opportunity in life.
My social network of friends and family had different views about me continuing my educations. At first my parents did not want me to finish school. Their main concern was how I was going to go to school and support my family financially. When I told them I was going to go to work in the behavioral health and human services field, they believed I would not make enough money to support a household. Once I told and convinced them that why I needed to go to graduate school, they knew and believed that I will succeed. My friends either never graduated high school or went to college.

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