Social Eat In America Essay

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4.1 Social Eating as a habit

Out of the 18 participants interviewed, 16 of them said that they eat out almost everyday, and when they eat out, it is usually with their friends. The reason is that they spend a lot of their time around friends and colleagues because of work and university. Most of them said that they do not have the time to go home for their short lunch break and cook. Moreover, the cleaning after cooking and eating can be a hassle and they do not have the time to do all of that. However, when asked who they go out to eat with when they are not at work or uni, they gave the same answer: friends. According to Feeza, a 21 year old UBD student, she eats out with friends because her family members rarely eat at home. Eating alone
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One can also be identified by his food consumption activities. With the new emergence of food cuisine in Brunei, it emphasizes this act of identification more. A few of the participants like Korean cuisine over any other cuisine. Sharafina, who embraces Korean culture, is one them. She watches Korean drama, listens to K-Pop, dresses like a Korean and knows the language. Her identity as someone who embraces Korean culture reflects on the food she eats as well.

Food as self-identity also can especially be evident in the experience of eating out. Researchers suggest that restaurants often serve more than food, they satisfy both emotional and physical needs. When eating out, most of the participants mentioned about their constant craving to eat out at their favorite cuisine restaurant. “I can’t go by a week without eating Shabu - shabu. The throat just longs for it. My body longs for it. I need to be at my favorite shabu-shabu, physically at least once a week. I am already used to it ever since I first learned about this Taiwanese cuisine.

4.3 Social Meaning of
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There are not many photos of bowling or playing games in an arcade being shared on Instagram, or Facebook and other social media, but a lot of restaurant and cafe food and drink photos are vastly being posted. Photography of food does not only allow people to share their meals, it has also changed the way chefs approach their craft. Pete Wells of the NY Times calls this shift as “Camera cuisine.” It is when food is inspired by a picture or aspires to be one. This bemuses Tucker Shaw, the food critic for The Denver Post, who made do with a basic point-and-shoot digital camera to take pictures of everything he ate in 2004 and published the photos in his book, “Everything I Ate: A Year in the Life of My Mouth. Taking photos of

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