Social Diversity Reflection

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As a result, she instilled that as a woman, we must learn to multitask whether or not the husband is involved. It’s the woman’s duty to be the homemaker of the family, whether they have full-time jobs or not. If the husband is absent, it’s the woman’s responsibility to carry the family by all means necessary. Although, in Hispanic culture the woman usually doesn’t work, however, she tends to her husband and kids ensuring they have meals cooked, laundry done, clean household every day. Adolescent girls are domesticated at early ages, must remain virgins until marriage, and raised to follow in line. Once she reaches the age of eighteen years old, if she chooses not to pursue a higher education, she usually is married and begins her life with …show more content…
The National Association of Social Worker Code of Ethics states (approved in 1996, revised in 2008), core competency in social work practice, we should be diverse in culture, and recognizing the strengths that exist in all cultures. Demonstrate cultural competence. In addition, educated and understand the nature of social diversity (NASW, approved in 1996, revised in 2008). As social we must self-reflect, moreover, identify our values and beliefs. Be sensitive to other cultures and races. We must respect our client’s culture and race at all cost. Additionally, understand that every culture and race are diverse in its own unique way. Throughout my educational career, I’ve learned along the way that you can’t label or pass judgment on someone based on assumption. Personally I have never found it difficult to pass judgment because of my personal experiences growing up. As social workers, it’s our job not to judge, assume, or label regardless of the situation. I am a prime example, just because I’ve experienced similar experiences that of my clients. It’s crucially important to hear the client 's story through their perspective rather than my assumption; keeping in mind that their cultural background, race, or ethnicity may or may not influence the

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