Social Disorganization And Organized Crime Essay

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The origin of the Social Disorganization theory began at The University of Chicago in the 1920’s-1940’s. The proponents of the theory had a moralistic approach, they associated “good” as a well-organized community. They developed the theory to explain the nature and consequences of the urban communities. This paper will answer questions about social disorganization, including the relationship between social disorganization and organized crime.
What is social disorganization? [In social organization, all citizens possess the capacity to live in a society with shared values or beliefs. Therefore, in the case of social disorganization, individuals share a propensity to violate these values and beliefs for criminal and immoral behavior that violates the norms of the society. In my research, social disorganization is generally described as a theory that explains criminal behavior as a result of residential location. Criminal behavior is seen as the failure of social institutions in a community. Some of these institutions are the family, the school, the police, and religious institutions. The theory notes that the failures of the institutions is more pronounced in urban areas where there is more diversity in ethnic background. However, it is not limited to urban areas. This diversity makes it more difficult for the social institutions to act in a unified way to engage in community matters. As a result, the individual fails to become part of the community, individualism is the…

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