Social Differences In Society: The Consequences Of Breaking Social Norms

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The behavior that society accepts is called social norms. There are various consequences that can develop when breaking a social norm, but the results can range from levels of importance. The levels of importance depend on whether if it is a folkway norm or a mores norm. Both are unacceptable social norms, though they vary in the degree to which they are enforced. Society is in an agreement with what are socially acceptable norms. Norms that have minor reinforcement are titled “folkways” and do not have severe consequences. Breaking a folkway norm would have results such as being verbally scolded or not accepted by peers. For example, an individual cannot step in front of a line and not expect people to become angry. Folkways can be disrespectful, make …show more content…
Yet, I feel the need to argue that there comes a point when breaking this certain norm of society is vital. For instance, an individual that is considerably late for his/her departing flight – it would be fit that he/she moves in front of the line to prevent missing his/her flight. I believe every social norm can be broken and accepted. It all depends on how one goes about it. I believe I could have cut in line without any dispute – as long as my excuse was valid. Unfortunately, I chose a less subtle approach. I did not feel embarrassed and as an hour passed and it was my turn to board a young kid came up to me and asked if he could cut line. I asked a familiar question, “What? Why?” He replied, “I have never ridden this roller coaster and my mum is ready to leave.” This was an acceptable break of a social norm. Moreover, our society has created a norm to put forward the unfortunate ones above our wants. So, in all, I never successfully broke a social norm just attempted to do such, and during my trial abided by another one. Society is

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