Essay on Social Deviance, Power, And Crime

776 Words Jan 4th, 2016 4 Pages
The television program that I feel displays social deviance is “Power” It is about a man that grew up in the streets selling drugs on the corner. He is now married and a business man running a successful nightclub. In secret, he is becoming the biggest drug dealer in his city. He is cheating on his wife with a federal agent that is looking for him under his street name “Ghost.” I selected this program because by day Ghost is this well dressed businessman with a lovely family. However, at night he is a well-dressed drug dealer and murderer. Society label drug dealing as a taboo and should not be a part of the norm. Ghost has an organization of sellers that sale all forms of drugs from cocaine to manufactured pills. The government has deemed this activity as deviant in society and assign special agents on cases to stop drugs from being on the street. In the T.V. program Ghost girlfriends is a federal agent that is assigned to his case however she is unaware of his nightly activities, she is aware of his close relationship with childhood friend that use to deal drugs with him. She begins to believe that Ghost childhood friend is “Ghost” and he is the person she is looking for.
Using Lemert observation of primary deviance in the show Power, despite Ghost nightly activity he wants to get out of the game and run the nightclub 100% without the drug dealing. Because of his actions in the criminal world is effecting his nightclub business. Corrupt police officer puts pressure on him…

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