Social Deviance And Its Effects On Society Essay

1875 Words Nov 20th, 2016 8 Pages
Understanding why individuals engage in deviant behaviour in many opinion is important for people to investigate whether youth deviance has increased over the years as we need to understand the situations that may cause deviance and how deviance is learned. Many believe this is an important factor as, society now could be the cause of the behaviour. This assignment will investigate not only how and why deviance has occurred but also to see if deviance within youths is on the climb. There are many theories that claim they have the answer to why youths are deviant. One some tend to agree with is the labelling theory, the Labelling theory looks at why and how people commit crime but only few are deemed as deviant. It also investigates the effects labelling has on these few. The process of how people are deemed deviant is first understanding that behaviour that differs from the behaviour of majority of society breaks a social norm, this attracts society disapproval. Many would say that once you have been labelled as deviant or criminal your given title/ label outshines any other labels or titles you may have had previously. Due to this, society may now look at you more so as deviant than a human, and many people will have an idea of who and what you are, in some cases this is prejudgement. Society at this point disregard the reasons behind your deviance and instantly take a disliking to you. Paul Willis examined male youth behaviour in schools and found that those labelled…

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