Essay on Social Deviance And Its Effects On Society

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Social deviance is the study of the violations of societal and cultural norms. Norms play a crucial role in dictating the rules and expectation of behavior in society. The most common form of deviance that can be observed in society is crime, which is seen as the act of denial and nonconformity to the laws established by society. Furthermore, this form of deviance can be recognize throughout history across a wide range of societies and cultures. As a result, sociologist began to question the origins of deviance. It is difficult to understand and explain the phenomenon that causes social deviance; however both Sociobiological and Psychological theorist proposed the source of deviance by establishing their own theories and reasoning. Sociobiologist explain that the roots of deviance are within the individual 's genes. They believe that genetic predisposition will greatly influence a person 's decision to commit deviance. One of the first Sociobiological theory is proposed by Cesare Lombroso. He noted that criminal delinquents have distinct physical characteristics. Lombroso also mentions that if an individual contains multiple features of these physical characteristics, they are more likely to violate social norms. In addition, Charles Ellwood studied Lombroso 's theory on crime and pointed out Lombroso 's conclusions. Ellwood stated, "The criminal was essentially an organic anomaly, partly pathological and party atavistic. The social causes of crime were at most, according…

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