Essay about Social Determinants Of Health Care

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Social Determinants an Elderly Would Face Living Alone in a Remote Community The definition of health has been stated “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO). According to the Social Determinants of Health (2004) there are 12 factors that influence an individual’s health. In this case, the client is an elderly man who is living alone in a remote community. So we picked out 2 issues that we would like to highlight and discuss about it.
Health Services Based on the Canada Health Act (2003) has mentioned that one of the important factors is accessibility. That the elderly has a fair chance of accessing services disregarding his health, finances and age.
The elderly man living in the northern remote community, which there is limited medical support, puts the elderly into a disadvantage. In order to compensate a nurse is put in place, and act as a substitute for lacking medical support. Nurses are able to help them at their personal homes instead of having to travel a far distance to get to a hospital. Nurses, who work in rural and remote communities must be able to work in any area of the hospital, work autonomously, efficiently and adjust quickly to change. This shows that nurses are more than capable of handling variety of tasks and or problems. Nurses contribute the most to build a community, sharing knowledge in ways to connect with the residents and better develop practices.…

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