Social Determinants Of Health And Health Essay

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Social determinants are influences and factors that can have a negative and positive impact on the health and wellbeing of an individual, which affects their daily living and health status (Royal College of Nursing, 2012). Dahlgren and Whiteheads model of social determinants highlights the relationship between lifestyle, social networks, working and living conditions and economic, political and environmental factors (NHS Education of Scotland, 2016). The model enables the exploration of how determinants can influence various health outcomes and the interactions between the range of determinants (Economic and Social Research Council, 2016). Social determinants of health are the conditions in which individuals develop, grow, live and work and can shape their daily living. The specific social determinant that will be focused on is housing within Scotland and the effects that it can have on one 's health and life outcomes (WHO, 2016). Through identifying how housing can impact an individual 's life, it will illustrate the health and socio-economic inequality occurring within the Scottish population and by reducing this health inequality it will help improve the health of individuals, families and communities (Auditor General for Scotland, 2012).
Individuals do not have control of fixed determinants of health, for example age, gender and structural or external forces such as political systems, social normality and policy, education, development agendas and the economic policies.…

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