Social Darwinism In To Build A Fire By Jack London

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I will be writing about "To Build a Fire" by Jack London. This essay is how man vs nature fits in with 19th Century idea of Social Darwinism. By talking about Social Darwinism and other stuff that is relative in the 19th Century for this essay will show how people react in certain environment. This research will help to have a better understanding of what “To Build a Fire” is all about. Now in the 19th Century there is a guy by the name of Charles Darwinism who has a theory that is about the survival of the fittest, which this essay will provide more. This essay will also talk about how men determination to keep on living and how men make a lot of mistakes, which leads to their destruction. So in the 19th Century there were many things that are to relate the survival of the fittest at this time like the Great Depression and others.
In this story, it is about a guy that
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As for the old guy in the story, he would stop to build a fire when he is freezing but he did not want to stay at the fire for a long time because he had some friends to meet up. This guy was so determined to get where his friends were camping that he was willing to give up his life. For the people that came over seas to america, that want to start over did not realized that the americans gave them disease that could kill them. This would be an example of Charles Darwin theory of the survival of the fittests because the people who did not die from this disease were strong. As for the story the author wants people to see that when the old man was building these fire as he was traveling it provided some kind of comfort that as long he can make a fire he is good. The old man should have been scared this whole time, but since he could build a fire he had no worries. This lead to his downfall just like the immigrants that came to america which they did not know how americans would treat

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