Chapter Summary: The Time Machine By G. Wells

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The Time Machine
Jessi Latham
May 8th, 2016
Physical Science

Key Idea 1
The Time Machine is the story of the Time Traveler who invents a machine, his adventures while traveling, and his recounting of the tale to the narrator and other friends gathered at his home. The book begins in the Time Traveler's home, where he and his guests are having dinner and discussing his theories about time and time travel. When the Time Traveler tells the guests he can actually do it, they are skeptical. So he produces a small model of the time machine, pulls a lever, and it disappears. He explains that it has gone into the future. He tells them he has a full-size time machine in his laboratory and that he intends to travel in time with it.
The next week,
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Wells is clearly a believer in entropy. The futuristic Eloi personify entropy; they are lazy, dull creatures whose energy is easily sapped and who live in fear of the Morlocks. We also see that Weena can never keep up with the Time Traveler as they are walking. But Wells explores natural entropy when the Time Traveler journeys into a future that slowly loses its energy. It says the earth stops moving, the sun dies, the winds cease. Wells's championing of entropy forms his argument against the existence of Social Darwinism rather than becoming more perfect, we are gradually losing our energy which we will see in Key Idea …show more content…
Social Darwinism frequently abused this concept of "natural selection." Evolution does not lead to the perfectibility of any species but to the increasing adaptability and complexity of a species. Social Darwinism ignored this idea and contended that the social environment was much like the natural environment, and that those who succeeded were destined to do so and to continue in their march to human perfection. On the flip side, those who failed had traits and deserved to do so. In "The Time Machine," the beautiful Eloi seem to be the perfect inhabitants of an advanced age. But the Time Traveler soon discovers that the advancements of civilization have enfeebled the Eloi; without any pressing requirements for survival, they have become weak, lazy, and stupid. While their civilization has seemingly become perfect, they have become decidedly imperfect. Evolution has problems in application to the world of mankind, since man changes his environment as he himself changes. Therefore, the changing environment may not always produce desirable changes in man, and Social Darwinism's argument that those who succeed in a given environment are naturally superior is not valid. the TT turns into a near-primal

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