Social Darwinism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Social Darwinism is term given to the various theories and ideas that emerged in the United States and Europe in the 1870s. The biological theories focused on concepts, such as natural selection and evolution. These concepts would later come to influence economics. The economic interpretation of Social Darwinism pertained to politics, social structures, and economics of daily life. Social Darwinism affected the economic “giants” on a global scale. However, these philosophies impacted the common people and lower class significantly. This is encouraged the commonwealth to better themselves economically, socially, as well as politically. Significance of Social Darwinism came to greatly impact supporters of Charles Darwin’s theories. Attention to Social Darwinism arose when society noticed intelligent and financially strong entrepreneurs arise. These persons were viewed as threats to small business owner’s success. They proved the ability to be able to adapt to their social environments. The strong thrived, while the weak would perish (Kieves). Charles Darwin is the naturalist credited with the most significant ideas revolving around Social Darwinism. Darwin was an ingenious scientist, writer, and naturalist. Born in 1809, Darwin began his career with a breakthrough in the Galapagos Islands. In the Galapagos, Darwin observed several environmental factors. He determined that a species of a finch had adapted itself to better suit its environment. Adapting provided the species…

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