Social, Cultural, And Cultural Life Of America Essay

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The 19th century brought many industrial changes to the United States of America. These changes enticed millions of people to migrate from a variety of places such as Europe, Latin America, and Asia. There was also a lot of movement just within the United States. Thousands of African Americans traveled from the South to the developing northern cities. The amount of people living in these cities was phenomenal. The different temperaments and perceptions that all of these new people brought with them tremendously altered the economic, social, and cultural life of America. While all of this sounds like things were going progressively great, there were also a lot of problems being presented as the cities grew more congested.
The architectures of the buildings during this time of significant immigration were not very different from the modern buildings being built in cities in 2016. They were all remarkably tall and placed exceedingly close to one another. The cities grew bigger and, as more buildings were put into place, new immigrants were lured right into tenements. Tenement buildings were usually about seven or eight stories high with about thirty four small apartments per building. The amount of people living on one floor in a tenement building ranged from four to sixteen families. The overflow of people moving into these tenements that were not equipped for such amounts caused for little ventilation, even less light, and awful stenches as a result of a lack of enough…

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