Social Contract : The American Dream Essay

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It Once Was Called the American Dream
The American Dream was something all Americans and immigrants coming to America wanted to reach for. This dream of hard work for a fair and descent wage in order to gain the home with the white picket fence, and having the family with the 2.5 kids was not only what most people dreamed about but what a lot of the country songs were written about. This idealism of success was based on what was referred to as an ‘old social contract’ where by the performance of “hard work and loyalty” was rewarded with “full ad increasing wages, dignity and security”, (Koch & Shulman, 2007). With the ending of this social contract era, this essay will reflect on the social contract concept, proposed ideas to other social contracts between citizenry and state, as well as professionals and the health care system.
The concept or idea and actions of the ‘old social contract’ was most prevalent “after World War II”, (Koch & Shulman, 2007), approximately during the three decades between 1945 and 1975. During this time, things were more black and white in regards to what was wanted and how to obtain it. Work hard to earn money to buy the American Dream which was provide for the basics; food, shelter, health care and protection for the family. The demise of this simple and ethical dream came to an abrupt end mainly because of greed. The ‘new norm’ or ‘new social contract’ was now abstract as it was to provide profitable gain to employers and their…

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