Social Construction Of Gender Relations Essay

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Gender is the result of differential association, how we gradually acquire and understand what it means to be "masculine" or "feminine" according to culture (Kimmel, 2000, p. 3). "Doing gender" would then be how we present ourselves outwardly; revealing that it does not necessarily align with our biological sex (West, Zimmerman 1987). To assume that sex and gender are the same thing is a thought process that has been formed socially but wrongly, many of us strongly correlate the two. What is interesting and important about observing people socially, is realizing that biological sex should have no bearings on conclusions of observations we make on gender. What we see, is what or how someone chooses - consciously or not - to present themselves in society. Whether that outward expression be coherently "masculine" or "feminine" depends on society and how we decide to define these terms.

I chose to observe the social construction of gender relations through gendered identity/behaviour. I visited the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC) on the UTSC campus where many UTSC students frequent. I decided that this location would give me a good spread and variation of people. I decided to visit during peak times, when I knew there would be many people coming in and out of the facilities. While there, I sought to observe gender differences in a public gym/exercise setting. In the TPASC, I split my time in the fitness centre between the Cardio Studio and the Strength & Conditioning…

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