Social Construction Of Gender And Gender Essay examples

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Unconsciously many families have been applying gender roles to their own family. These implications of gender roles are based on what society expects from each and every individual. These expectations are known as norms that society lives by. Norms are the written and unwritten rules in society, which build the social world in which we live in. Societies expectations are socially constructed depending on gender and sex leading society to be patterned, which can lead to consequences. Social construction of gender is socially constructed rules that people follow and live by. The social construction of gender approach is what seems to be the reality but, is really not real (Scott Coltrane 1988;1). The social construction of gender rules can be either implicit or explicit, but are followed by the people in society. Social construction of gender can change and evolve throughout time. In the article Social Construction of Gender and Families Scott Coltrane define social construction of gender as “The little rules and expectations that govern peoples everyday actions are learned through years of interaction with others in various social settings”(Coltrane 1988;2). Therefore the social construction of gender is learned, and leading to people to live by these expectations because that is what they were socialized to do so. The social construction of gender is important in the family life because it helps better understand the family and how it functions. “To understand families…

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