Social Conflict Theory, And Symbolic Interactionism Essay

1228 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
It would be inaccurate to claim that the world is perfect and people do not commit crimes or partake in deviant behavior. This is obviously an absurd idea, in which everyone knows the regularity of crime and deviance in everyday life. There are several different ways to explain deviant behavior and crime in society. These approaches include the Structural Functionalism Approach, Social Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interactionism. Through analysis of these approaches one can get a better understanding of acts of deviances, even one of the most common crime on college campuses: underage drinking. For many young and fresh college students, the idea of attending school away from their parents and experiencing the freedoms they did not have before is exciting. Quickly, they will be introduced to the typical lifestyle of a college student. A part of this lifestyle includes acts of deviant behavior. One common behavior is referred to as underage drinking, in which those under the age of 21 take part in drinking alcohol despite it being against the law. In terms of my own experience, I know a person that participated in this deviant behavior. This person went to a liquor store and bought some alcohol. They then went on to consume the beverages with a group of their friends. Later on, this person then left to visit other parties with much more alcohol, people, and opportunities for deviant behavior. Before the actions leading up to the deviant acts, it is known that this person did…

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