Social Conflict : The Cultural Conflict Paradigm Essay

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Social Conflict Paradigm
By:Madison Desoyer

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of struggles,” Karl Marx. The social conflict paradigm explains how each society has inequalities. Social conflict focuses mostly on racism, sexism, ageism, socioeconomic inequality, etc. It also features, how most societies are corrupt with power and greed. Furthermore how the elites and government controls us using education and the media. The socialization process forces us to accept the values and norms of society that are set by the media and the upper-class/elites. It makes us all indistinguishable, if we all think the same way the world will be monotonous and mundane.This allows for the elites to subdue society through socialization as they set the tone for what is “proper”. In my opinion, we should have more of a say than we do, especially in politics. I don 't think just because people are rich or famous they should be able to set the norms and values of society, but this will never change. It is foolish for people who work extremely hard all of their lives and are barely getting by, and then being controlled by people who are born into a rich family, or a family that has been in politics. Someone, who doesn 't understand the hardships of working sixteen hour days of hard labour and worrying about your family having enough food or a place to stay. The explanation of the social structure within the social conflict paradigm can be simply explained as everyone…

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