Social Role Of Conflict In A Sociological Perspective

Roles in Society
In society, we have different roles that exist. These roles are used for the people to look up to and follow. The roles and status in society develop the roles of conflict and the role of strain. The role of conflict in a sociological perspective is when a person is expected to fulfill the duties of two opposing positions. The role of strain theory occurs when a person has difficulty managing the responsibility of the roles of his or her life.
In sociology, roles are used in society in general to describe a set of expected behaviors and goals a person maintains. However, the master statutes is a social position that tends to be the most important positions people occupy. It 's the main importance to social identity and influences their roles in society and the way they behave. This is the introduction to both the social role of conflict and strain conflict. The occupation of one is a master statues because, it forms an important part of people 's
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The theory speaks about how we learn who we are from others and our imagination of how we appear to them. We always have doubt and look at others and imagine the image they have of us. Mirrors don 't only show our physical appearance, but our appearance of our bodies in mediated through what we imagine others think of us. Cooley said the first we image how we appear to others. Secondly, the self idea developed in relation to how we imagine others perceive or judge us. Lastly, the self idea emerges through the self feeling or attitude one develops toward themselves. This is based on how we believe other perceive us. The concept of the “looking glass” can be used to show the role of conflict and the role of strain. If were so worried in the way we think people think of us, it can bring conflict into the ways we achieve our roles in life. If we let other people 's views on us affect us, it will bring strain on

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