Social Cognitive View On Gender And Gender Schema Theory Essay

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The movie “Real Women Have Curves” is a good representation of some of the things that was discussed in the text book. From some of the theories such as Social Cognitive View on Gender and Gender Schema Theory, to the stereotypes that was in the movie, then there are how adolescents are affected by the culture as well as ethnicity that is around them. There are also the relationships that Ana has with the people in her life, as well as some major turning points. Finally, there is how Ana changed from the beginning to the end of the movie as well as how some of the other characters changed throughout the movie. There were many things that were going on in this movie and each thing expressed something important. There were many different theories that were shown and expressed in the movie. Two main ones that were noticed were Social Cognitive view on Gender and Gender Schema Theory. When it comes to the Social Cognitive View on Gender there are a few scenes where it is very clearly shown through. One of these scenes is at the end of the movie when Ana finally has enough of the heat at work and takes off her shirt to help her cool off, once Ana does it then slowly her sister and two other workers do the same. This is an example of what people see someone doing then they do the same which is what the Social Cognitive View is about. Another scene that could be an example of this was when Ana and Jimmy had sex. There wasn’t much insight on what exactly Ana was exposed to in…

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