Essay on Social Cognitive Theory Of Personality By Albert Bandura

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Social Cognitivism
Social Cognitive Theory of Personality by Albert Bandura
The core of the social cognitive theory is that through observation, learning occurs. This theory has several premises forming its foundation. Human beings are seen to learn when they participate in the observation process. A person who is a model, demonstrates a behaviour while the observer picks up this behaviour or learns it by seeing the model doing it. Albert Bandura, in his Social Cognitive Theory on personality, which is now known as the Social Learning Theory, states that there are many interactions of various elements such as people, the environment and behaviours when learning is taking place. Thus it takes place within a social setting (Bandura, 1999).
Purpose of the study
Bandura pursued various aims in this study. He looked at the behaviour of groups and individuals and he sought to gain an underlying understanding as well as predict it. He also aimed to find out how the behaviour of people changed or adjusted. He also looked to comprehend the interventions that were mostly used with the aim of developing personality, enhancing health and in the pathology of actions (Bandura, 1999).
In carrying out his study, Albert Bandura engaged various methods of data collection and the identification of the subjects of the survey. One of the considerations was the environment or the surroundings of the subject where the person had access to opportunities and received social support. The…

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