Social Cognitive Theory Of Mass Communication Essay

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For Social Cognitive Theory Of Mass Communication founding authors were Edwin Bissell Holt and Albert Bandura. Edwin was a professor at Harvard who taught for 17 years and later in his career he was teaching psychology at Princeton University for 10 years. He was a graduate from Harvard University where receiving a Ph.D in 1901 while studying under his mentors of psychologist and philosophers Hugo Munsterberg, Josiah Royce, and William James. Holt had created many of his own writings within his career. His work Concept of Consciousness where he discussed that he accepted William James theory that consciousness has relation with are nervous system responding to objects within the environment. Then in 1915 Holt published The Freudian Wish, which continued his theory going into more detail. After retiring from teaching at Piston Holt died in Rockland, Maine in 1946, and was buried where he was originally born in Winchester Massachusetts. Albert Bandura is a psychologist who was a professor at Stanford University in 1953. Bandura studied aggression in teenagers, and the abilities of children to self regulate, reflect and self efficacy. Dr. Bandura took Holt’s theory of Social Cognitive and elaborated more with the effects within T.V and media. Bandura combined Social Cognitive Theory with Self Efficiency creating Social Cognitive Theory Of Mass Communication. Albert Bandura was also responsible for conducting the Bobo doll Experiment. Bandura has…

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