Social Class Vs Socialization Essay

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Societies evolve through time. By looking at the relationship between the present and the past, it is possible to infer that the future will also be different from that of today. As society changes, so does the people within the society. People are greatly influenced and shaped by their interactions. These interactions allow for the formation of culture and its integration into society. Culture is defined as a set of beliefs, traditions, and practices. Socialization is defined as the process by which individuals internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of a given society and learn to function as a member of that society. By combining both definitions, socialization can be the course by which individuals internalize culture and learn how to …show more content…
Social class has more impacts on socialization, including family and peers along with the social institutions. Compared to long ago, the wealth gap is said to be increasing. Socialization in the future going by this trend will leave the wealthy in much greater power. This power can in turn change the laws that will affect the norms of society. However, it can be reversed by successful riots and rebellions. Depending on the influence and the leadership, society will try to balance it out if it spirals downhill. With different social classes, there is an option to choose the peers to stick around. Most would like to stay with people similar to them, so this would affect who the peers are. Families may be closer or more distant depending on how the living situation and the interactions between the family members. Other than investing money to change future society, social class has a smaller impact than …show more content…
Gender and race impact people on a more personal level, but doesn 't change much how society will function. The present is getting closer to better equality, so the future will improve by the missing areas. Social class will also change socialization, but this is intentional by those will greater class status. Technology, however, is on a much different scale. It not only can change the perspectives of people of different gender, race, and social class, but also allow people to participate in it through media. Gender, race, and social class will have no boundaries when applied to the same technology. People can explore what they are limited to back in the past. With intention and chance, technology will affect every aspect of socialization. Culture, language, and social structures will change rapidly due to technology. People will start to speak, behave, and think differently. New social meanings and symbolic interactions will

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