Social Class Throughout Us History Essay

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In Chapter 7, Land of Opportunity, Loewen discusses social class throughout US History. For the most part, people will stay in the same social class for their whole life. If you were born in the lower class, you will most likely die in the lower class. Same for middle and upper classes. This is because of opportunity. Americans like to preach on how America is the “Land of Opportunity,” even though not everyone is given an equal opportunity. Babies born into the lower classes are usually less healthy, often grow up without their parents around often, they go to a school where they aren’t expected to excel, and the teachers don’t allow them to excel. When they graduate, they probably won’t go to college, so they get a job that doesn’t make a lot of money. When they have a kid, the cycle begins again. For the upper class, the babies are born healthy, they go to good schools and are pushed to do well. They receive all the help they can, when they graduate, they get into great colleges, get good jobs, etc. Many textbooks don’t even talk about social class, but if they do, they stress on how the social classes in America are much better than in Europe, while in reality, the separation between upper and middle classes is becoming bigger. If this continues, the upper class will be the elite, and there is no way to enter the upper class. The way textbooks preach that social classes in early America were so much better than Europe is a lie, because two very bloody rebellions…

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