Social Class Is Not A Matter Of Difference Essay

714 Words Oct 7th, 2014 3 Pages
Whether we want to address or not, there is a social class delineation in our culture and America. Our country was founded by the British which had a class system and to a point it continues today. Most cultures and classes have branched out and crossed boundaries; however, some people and social classes may not adapt to change and may refuse to cross class boundaries. This paper discusses the difference of opinions regarding change and adaptation in culture between Schwable and Sowell and argues the point that adjustments are necessary in culture. Schwable takes a utilitarian and devil’s advocate approach to discussing cultural change and adaptation. He asks posing questions and makes comments that promote intense thought and discussion. A comment that stands out is, “Social class is not a matter of difference but of harmful inequality. (Schwable p 214) We are taught to endear ourselves to diversity, to embrace and welcome it. Schools and companies spend millions of dollars to train students and employees about diversity. Schwable now tells us social class is not a matter of difference (pg. 214) I interpret this as negating all that I have learned. He goes on to say class is harmful inequality (pg. 214) I interpret this as Schwable condoning inequality. Again, his comment contradicts the foundation of diversity. I try to gloss over inequality and class as to not offend people. The phrase “harmful inequality” is like a slap in the face. It is the pink elephant…

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