Social Class And The Middle Class Essay

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Everyone is born into a social class, but it’s your own personal future that defines which social class you stay in. There are five social classes: upper, upper middle, lower middle, working, and lower class. Based on what social class you are in will define what opportunities you can participate in. The upper class is for the rich/wealthy individuals who considered powerful people. The upper middle class are those who are the highest earning middle class people they tend to make the most in the middle class but not enough to call themselves upper class. The lower middle class people are somewhat educated and have a stable job and make a decent living. Working class people are also known as the white collar workers. Lower class people are those who are at the poverty level. This class is reserved for the homeless and others who make little to no money. Most people would fall somewhere in the middle class, but recently more people are beginning to drop down to the lower class.
Social classes affect life chances such as housing, educational opportunities, and employment. Lower classes tend to stay in poverty conditions in which they live in over crowed houses and children attend rundown schools. On the other hand the upper class individuals live in wealthy gated communities and are able to receive the best care for themselves. This also has an effect on the type of people they will marry. Everyone tend to marry within the same social class. It’s very often that you will hear…

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