Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Work Essay

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Equal opportunity in education is as realistic in America as it is to lick your own elbow or fitting your whole fist in your mouth. Equal opportunity in education is the prevention of any discriminatory acts against students, staff and faculty; however, in Mike Rose’s, “I Just Wanna Be Average”, he argues that the educational system is completely unjust for those in a lower program and that those that are in those lower education programs are not being challenged to their full potential. Rose brings up many important points in his study about the educational system, but fails to mention other factors that could cause a student to not reach their true potential. These factors, such as race and social class, nowadays, contribute greatly in the educational system and if the student can actually reach their full potential. I will evaluate these factors through the studies of Jean Anyon’s From Social Class and The Hidden Curriculum Work, that discusses social class in the educational system, and Jonathan Kozol’s Still Separate, Still Unequal, that discusses racial issues.
Mike Rose, a professor at the School of Education at UCLA, wrote an educational study about his experience in a vocational program in his high school, a program that seeks to help underachieving students. Placed there by accident, Rose quickly saw the problems within this program. The first problem he realized was that he was way too smart for the program, as well as some of the other students in the class…

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