Essay on Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work

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Create Equal Opportunity for all Students

Born and raised in a small town, I only had my classmates as friends. It was a middle- class school where teachers knew our name, our siblings, parents, and where we live. Never venturing out to other towns, I had no recollection of other schools. Jean Anyon’s 1980 essay, “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work,” helped me take notice of a problem in school curriculums. Anyon is effective in her essay, but it has not reached enough people to have made a difference in school programs. Even though wealth may affect our educational systems, all students deserve the same learning opportunity so that they will have a better life. Students’ futures should not be determined or limited by their economic or social upbringing.

In Dr. Jean Anyon’s essay, she discusses how social class determines the structure of education. During the study, she observed five different schools based on income levels of the parents. In each school, she found that the way the teachers treated and taught their students was different. When Anyon visited a low income school, she noticed the students were treated with no respect. The teacher’s were concerned with making sure the students could get the answer right. “Work is following the steps of a procedure” (Anyon, 1980, para 8). There was no worry in making sure the students understood what and why they were doing it. The curriculum prepared them for the…

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