Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work Essay

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In 1980, there was less technology and resources for students in schools. With technology advancing, students have other options for gaining information. Today, almost anyone in America can get access to the internet. There is unlimited knowledge that can be accessed within a matter of seconds. Recent research shows education has been improving, and I believe some has to do with technology. The dropout rate in schools has also decreased since 1980. One early critique education’s class bias is Dr. Jean Anyon. Anyon’s “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work,” research from 1980 is dated and no longer relevant, because the style of teaching has changed in the last 35 years.
Jean Anyon visited five different schools. The schools she picked consisted of two working class schools, a middle-class school, an affluent professional school and an executive elite school. From her research, the difference between the working and executive elite school was immense. At working class schools they had little freedom. Teachers would usually shout orders at the students, teachers wanted to have as much power as they can over the students. The students were only taught the basics; one teacher clarified to Anyon “Simple punctuation is all they’ll ever use.” It was forbidden for the students to excel further in the class without getting a teacher’s approval first. School work was graded by whether you followed the right steps given, there were limited classroom supplies. In executive…

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