Essay on Social Class And Its Power Of Those Who Want

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The social class defines our expectation of education and its power of those who want or can peruse higher and better education. Depending on what social class you are in has a great influence on what kind of education you will receive. Those who are in a lower class system are not able to afford the higher quality of education like the high-class community. Most lower class communities are not able to continue with education because they don’t have the right tools to continue on in their education. Social class shows the danger of how if you can’t afford better education you are most likely going to have a harder time being in school than people with middle or high class. Education today is now a staple of how we live and become adults and it is offered to all whether you are in a lower or upper class. There is a downside and that is kids who live in a poor situation usually end up being at home helping out the family by getting a job to help support them. In the other case, those in a high-class stay in school with the better education system. The kids in the lower class bracket won’t be able to take advantage of scholarships and grants like those in the upper class. This, in turn, gives them a huge disadvantage due to their rank of how much they make. We are currently divided between people who make a good income to support their family and those on the lower end struggling to pay the bills. Those higher-income families tend to have better chances to get in a…

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