Social Class And Its Impact On Society Essay example

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Question #1:
Social class is another aspect of their lives that people use to identify themselves and others. Social class is determined by "wealth, education, occupation, income, family and social connections" (notes page). Social and class relations not only add to the identity of an individual but also what access they will have to supports and services such as medical care, education, sport and recreation and housing. Those higher up in social class will have greater access to supports and services when compared to those individuals who fall into the lower end of class.
Another aspect of identity that can limit or increase the exposure to supports and services in society is gender relations. An individual 's gender plays a large part in their accessibility to sports and recreation. This is due to gender logic which is society believing that certain sports or activities are restricted to only one gender, usually males. Due to the large impression gender logic has imprinted on society, many feel and believe that there should be strict boundaries and rules surround who is allowed access to be involved in sport and recreation.
Social class creates major restrictions in society of who can and who cannot participate. Usually, wealth and location play a large role in the access an individual has to a particular sport or activity. For example, those in the upper class are generally more likely to take time off of work to pursue interests, hobbies, and sports. Where as an…

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