Social Class And Ethnic Cleansing Essay

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The time I chose a social class and ethnic cleansing and the reason I chose that is because I think that social class differences and that ethnic tension is increasing throughout the book. In the beginning you just know that the ethnic tension is between the Hazaras and the Pashtuns, but with each chapter this social class differences and discrimination increases, which also leads to more tension between the main character, Amir and his best friend, Hassan. Something else to add is that in the beginning as there was a lot of tension between the Pashtuns and Hazaras but no one has truly express their feelings and everyone would blame Baba and Amir were being are being blamed for having such close relationships between the Hazara as Amir was best friend with Hazara while Baba also was close to Ali, who was also a Hazara. You don 't really get to see their friends and getting blamed for being such close to the Hazaras until Assef enters the book, as he and his friends are the ones blaming Baba and Amir not the society. The ethnic differences are also important as the Hazaras have a totally different lifestyle than a Pashtun. The Hazaras usually work for a Pashtun like how is Hassan and Ali work for Baba, and the Pashtuns are the upper class of the society while the Hazaras are seen as the weak or the fault in the community.There is a lot of ethnic tension between bought that new troops throughout the book but it really gets high during the end and I 'm going to add that and…

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