Essay on Social Changes For Higher Education

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In the last century there has been major changes to higher education. “Going to university, an experience confined to less than 2% of 18-year olds before the Second World War, is now almost a rite of passage for a third of young people in the UK. The present government aims to see half of all 18-30 year olds experiencing some form of higher education.”(Anon, 2015) As early as 1939 there was only 39 universities in Britain and a small number of 50,000 students attended. This was because universities were an elite, high class and cost institute. As of today the number of institutions stands at 168 and the number of student’s participants rose to over 1 million for the first time. Some of the major social changes to higher education were because of accessibility, equality and funding. By outlining major changes to the system, ideologies, political manifestos and policies an evaluation of the improvements and ideologies can be made. (John Sutherland, 2008)
May 1966, when Conservatives were in power, they appointed Lord Dearing to access and improve higher education. Lord Dearing formed a report with 97 recommendations and presented it to government in the hope to aid towards the reform of higher education. This report was called the Dearing Report, Ron Dearing believed that cutting the costs of student funding would result in the effectiveness and quality of higher education to the people and society lowering. Dearing believed that all students should, once in work; pay off some…

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