Social Care Case Study

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Kathy Scott is a hospice social worker with Hospice of Springville. She is a thirty-three year old Caucasian woman from a middle-class family. Kathy has a master’s degree in both theology and social work. Kathy Scott is an experienced social worker with eight years of hospice work and two years of pediatric team. Kathy is a respected colleague that is thoughtful and reflective. Evelyn Brampton is a twice married single parent currently facing her second divorce. The first divorce is connected to Timmy’s birth and illness. She was first married to Timmy’s father, but they divorced after two years of marriage. The second divorce stems from Evelyn’s preoccupation with Timmy’s condition which added to other marital problems she was having in her second marriage. Evelyn has another younger son, …show more content…
Timmy was born with physical and visual deformities. He has lived in an institution his entire life. Timmy does not interact with others or respond to visual or stimuli. He has limited movement and has to be repositioned every two to three hours to prevent sores. It is unknown if Timmy can hear or see. The medical team at the Pinecrest Intermediate Care Facility has become a source of frustration for Evelyn Brampton. It appears that Evelyn and the facility share opposing points of view as it relates to the medical care of Timmy. They each have varying perceptions of his current medical status and progress. Evelyn has requested the assistance of the hospice team to have her request honored on Timmy’s behalf.
Problem Identification Kathy is a social worker for the Hospice of Springville with the assigned tasks of providing care to patients and families in need of end of life care. Kathy has to decide what is in the best interest medically for patient Timmy. She, along with the hospice team will have to determine if Timmy should be admitted into the pediatric hospice care program.
Contextual Analysis

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