Social Aspects Of The Renaissance And Middle Ages Essay example

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I. The Renaissance is typically thought of as the literal rebirth of Europe, almost as if it were a break in history. Preceded by the Middle Ages, a time considered to be miserable for many, the Renaissance seemed as if it was the beginning of a new era. But was the difference between these two time periods really so distinct? The short answer is no. In reality, the changes that occurred during the Renaissance (social, political, and economic) were more of a gradual progression from medieval times, rather than a sudden transformation.
II. Social Aspects of the Renaissance and Middle Ages
A. The Renaissance boasted many scholarly achievements. There seemed to be a slowly increasing amount of intellectual activity, throughout the centuries, in areas such as academics.
1. A common idea about the Renaissance is that it resulted in the rediscovery of ancient Greco-Roman learning. However, it wasn’t really a “rediscovery,” as the fundamental ideas of education never fully disappeared. Many universities existed by the year 1200-there were already centers of medical, law, and theological studies. (Palmer et al. 40). They were even similar to today’s universities, in that they advertised and offered classes, held exams, and granted degrees. Although in the earlier times, literacy was quite rare, by the end of the 1400’s most people could read, and a fair amount could also write (Barber). Renaissance education was a bit less chaotic and disorganized than medieval schooling was, but…

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