Essay on Social Anxiety Disorder And Depression

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Many Americans today suffer from either social anxiety disorder (SAD) and/or depression. In general, people who suffer from either one of these disorders will actually have both as social anxiety and depression are closely related. If someone has social anxiety disorder or social phobia and does not receive treatment, they have the tendency to develop depression. A person suffering from SAD is unlikely to attend social situations out of fear that they will not be liked by others. Someone suffering with depression avoids social situations because they feel hopeless and may no longer care about themselves. This is because individuals with depression are apt to withdraw from society as they no longer have the desire to interact with others. The person suffering from social phobia may have the desire to interact in social settings, but chooses not do so out of fear. The following paragraphs will examine the causes and difference between these two psychological disorders and how they relate to one another.
Social anxiety is a mental disorder that impacts how a person will react in certain social situations. SAD can run in families, but there is not one known cause as to why some people have SAD and others do not. Individuals suffering from social phobia tend to dread being in social groups, along with having a strong disdain for public speaking. Most of the time these individuals will over analyze every social situation they are involved in. A person dealing with social anxiety…

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